Million Bubble Power

A coupla months ago, i was whisked out of town by my dear friend, Matt. We’ve gone on many adventures together to an amazing spot in the Sequoia National Forest, called Remington Hot Springs. Some jerks want to blow it up, so go sign the petition after the link.

Anyway, when we were out there adventuring & waiting for the moon to rise, we came up with a neat project. Since i just happened to have bubbles & heart shaped sunglasses & Matt had a 6 million candle power flashlight, inspiration struck & amazingness was born.

You’ll need the following:

♥ a really dark location outdoors (or indoors would work, but the night sky is pretty amazing, and the flashlight makes a really neat disappearing spotlight into the stars)
♥ a flashlight with million candle power
♥ sunglasses
♥ bubbles

Prop the flashlight upright toward the sky. Put on sunglasses & proceed to blow bubbles OVER the flashlight (the sunglasses help protect your eyes, because it is really, really, really bright). The bubbles look like phenomenal exploding rainbows!!! Photos don’t do the beauty justice! Try it out for yourself…

I think it would have been really neat to have varying sized bubble wands & bubble guns. What about a field of people doing this over lots of flashlights? I think my head would explode with the colorful beauty!

Afterward, Matt & I ended up hanging out for hours in the hot springs under the full moon. Lovely. More photos of the hot springs on my flickr.

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